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    Lena Hierzi

How to Build a Successful Web3 hackathon project

Reminiscing on a great community event where Lena Hierzi (beloved Alumni) introduced DevHaus community to Web3

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, emerging technologies like blockchain have the potential to reshape industries and revolutionize the way we interact with the digital world. However, it is essential to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated, particularly in terms of discrimination and bias. DevHaus is a code camp that is focused on diversity and inclusion and they have provided so many amazing developers with the tools to bring valuable contributions to the Tech Space. One of these people was me, Lena. Since then I have ventured into the Web3 space and for over a year I have been working, together with H.E.R. DAO, to foster a more inclusive and diverse Web3 space by supporting women and non-binary individuals in attending hackathons and conferences.

Lena workshop

  1. Why are we writing this?

Now during the MACHN-Festival, I am organizing the Web3 Track, which will feature amazing speakers like Vanessa Schäfer from Female Pleasure Society and Rene Reinsberg from Celo Foundation. The good thing is that all hackathon participants will get a free ticket to attend! The MACHN-Web3 Hackathon will happen at Spinnerei Leipzig from the 28.06.2023 10:00 am till 29.06.2023 10:00 am. The hackathon presents an incredible opportunity for individuals interested in blockchain technology and Web3 to come together, collaborate, and build innovative solutions.

As a pre-event to the hackathon, I was lucky to be able to host a workshop at DevHaus Leipzig for participants with a comprehensive introduction to Web3. We organized this event to give an intro into the tech used, and how to prepare best, to improve the hackathon experience for participants!

Let's take a closer look at the key elements covered in the workshop:

  1. What is Web3?

The workshop kicked off by exploring the fundamental concept of Web3. Participants were given a short intro into what Web3 actually means. And now again here for you: Web1, also known as the "read-only" web, focused on static web pages and limited user interactivity. Web2, the current iteration, introduced dynamic content, social media, and user-generated content, but centralized power and control in the hands of corporations. In contrast, Web3 represents the next phase, leveraging blockchain technology and decentralization to enable peer-to-peer interactions, data ownership, and the development of decentralized applications (dApps) that prioritize user autonomy, privacy, and security.

  1. Introducing the Hackathon Sponsor - Celo

Celo, a leading platform for building mobile-friendly decentralized applications (dApps), will be the sponsor of the MACHN-WEb3 Hackathon. Their mission is to build a financial system that creates conditions of prosperity for all, and the tools it offers to facilitate dApp development. Find all resources listed here to learn more about developing on Celo:

  • Celo Academy: Follow curated developer pathways, aligned with your goals, to enhance your skills and knowledge. You can choose out of Java Script, React, Frontend Develpmet, Solidity Development pathways and more. So chek it out!
  • Celo Sparks: discover Celo’s tools, integrations, and protocols in ≤ 5 minutes so you can spend more time building.
  • Celo-Composer: Customizable barebones starter project (React, React Native, Angular). Tailwindcss built in, rainbowkit or celo-react, and hardhat to simplify development (built upon scaffold.eth).
  • Celo-Toucan-dApp-Demo: Demo project to learn how to redeem, retire, and list tokenized carbon credits with Toucan Protocol on Celo. 
  1. Build an app with Tokenized Carbon Credits:

One of the highlights of the workshop was the hands-on session on building decentralized applications using Celo-Composer. Participants were guided through the process of setting up their development environment and leveraging the tools provided by Celo to kickstart their journey into Web3 application development. No worries if you missed that. You can watch this video, which basically sums it up!

And here are some tutorials to follow:

  - Retire Carbon Credits on Celo using Toucan SDK
  - Celo Spark: Tokenized Carbon Credits with Toucan


Why to participate in a hackaton  

  1. How to Prepare for a Web3 Hackathon

To ensure participants are well-prepared for the hackathon, the workshop went deeper into what benefits come out of participating in a hackathon, and how to maximize your productivity and make the most of the hackathon experience. Topics covered were include effective team collaboration, resource utilization, time management, and leveraging available resources such as mentors and industry experts. 

Prizes and Bounties


There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place chosen out of all teams. Winning teams will present on the Pitch Stage of the MACHN-Festival at the 29th of June 1pm

  • 🏅1st prize: $150
  • 🥈2nd prize: $70
  • 🥉3rd prize: $30  
Bounties by Celo:

ReFi Track:

  • 🥇 $700 in cUSD
  • 🥈 $300 in cUSD  

Public Goods Track:

  • 🥇 $700 in cUSD
  • 🥈 $300 in cUSD  

OKAY all left to do now is to BUILD!!!!

So make sure to:

  - Sign up for the hackaton
  - Check out the hacker manual  



The MACHN-Web3 Hackathon presents an exciting opportunity to be part of the growing Web3 ecosystem and contribute to the development of a more inclusive and diverse digital future. Huge thank you to our Sponsor Celo, for making this event possible! Whether you're an experienced developer or new to the space, or you are a designer or non-technical but are interested in Web3 and have a great idea or great management skills. join us at Spinnerei Leipzig on June 28th and 29th, to BUIDL decentralized applications and let's shape the future of the digital world together.

And the biggest shoutout goes of course to DevHaus Leipzig for kickstarting my career and for hosting me and supporting me. And huge shoutout to Augustina for supporting me with the organisation of the meetup and the hackathon!!!

And of course a lot of love to the whole DevHaus team. You are rockstars. Looking at you Shubhangi and Taylor <3